By its very nature, consultancy is aimed at providing the necessary support to bridge gaps within a company's expertise.

Although it may initially feel daunting to involve an independent party, it is certainly true that you cannot always be expert in every field. It therefore makes sense both from a strategic and monetary perspective to call upon industry experts where there may be gaps in knowledge or experience.

Learn from our experience:

Through listening to your requirements, the experienced IT consultants at Fashion Management Systems are able to obtain a full and detailed understanding of your business; your infrastructure, objectives and culture. Based on our thorough research we are then able to make informed and reasoned recommendations that will help minimise the risks involved in change.

We typically serve small and medium companies who are without a right degree of expertise, and also those organisations who do have a department and may require assistance with a specific issue or particularly change management.

We can also help with :

  • Custom software development using Oracle, SQL, .net and others
  • IT system and network design, installation and maintenance
  • Implementing an IT infrastructure that works now and in the future
  • Full complete project
  • General consultancy relating to IT
  • IT training
  • Technical Support and Customer Service
  • Departmental management
  • Web service and management in e-commerce