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Company overview


An innovative and versatile company which, Apparel Systems has evolved with the benefit of years of experience and it reflects our extensive knowledge of this niche domain.

  • With staff experience going back to 1989 and beyond, we are dedicated to manufacturing and retail supply.
  • Staff composed of industry experts and technologists.
  • Commitment to providing the ideal fit between solution and client.

Market Position - Are we right for one another?

Apparel Systems
  • Service specifically for medium to large sized companies.
  • Focuses on the Fashion, Furniture and Accessories sectors:- Contract Manufacture, Branded Distribution, General Import and Distribution for a range of product items.
  • Retailing module with EPOS, replenishment, stock takes, sales analysis.
  • Extensive e-commerce experience and solution
  • Provides a close fit to industry practices meaning a short training cycle & rapid deployment.
  • Uses an advanced Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool for high productivity development.
  • Is easy to use: Windows appearance is well recognized in all software solutions we provide.
  • Is low maintenance - Dedicated IT expertise on hand, though not mandatory in smaller systems.
  • Is popular, with a substantial Client List - there`s safety in numbers.
  • Has a robust support and development program with one safe experience as needed.
  • We can help inefficient plants become productive again.